Guide To Picking The Right Swim Gear For Your Kids

March 08, 2024

Guide To Picking The Right Swim Gear For Your Kids

Swimming is one of the best physical and aerobic activities for both children and the young at heart. From babies through childhood to your senior years, it is enjoyable and worthwhile, especially if you wear the right swim gear. This is especially true for kids just starting. Their swim gear should be safe, comfortable, durable, and age-appropriate. Whether they are taking Katy swimming lessons in our indoor pool, on a family beach vacation, or splashing around in the backyard pool, selecting the perfect swim gear for your kiddos is important. Take a look at our helpful tips.

Four Important Qualities of Swim Gear 

Keep your kids safe with the following four swimming gear qualities. It’s important to note that you should always keep your kids supervised, too!

  • Safe: First and foremost, swim gear should be safe and appropriate for the child’s age and swim level.
  • Comfortable: The swim gear should fit comfortably for easy movement, not too loose or not too tight.
  • Durable: Swimsuits and gear should be made of high-quality, durable materials to outlast chlorine water, salt water, sand, sun, and frequent wear.
  • Age-Appropriate: Swimsuits and swim gear should match the child’s age, size, and swim level.


Gear Pieces You Need 

Beginners will be a little anxious and the last thing they need to worry about is being uncomfortable. Be sure to grab the following pieces of gear before your child hits the water: 

  1. Swimming Suits: One-piece swimsuits for the girls and swim trunks or jammers for the boys should fit tight enough to stay in place while moving around in the pool.
  2. Eye Protection: Goggles are designed to protect your eyes and to see while swimming underneath the water. Select goggles that feature UV protection with adjustable straps and soft seals.
  3. Swim Caps: Swim caps are helpful during swimming lessons to keep hair out of the eyes, and protect hair from chlorine and sun damage. Select caps that are durable and stretchy.
  4. Ear Plugs: Getting water in the ears is not only distracting but can lead to ear infections. Silicone ear plugs mold to the ear and provide a comfortable and secure fit while keeping the water out.
  5. Towels & Robes: A soft, absorbent towel and cozy robe to wrap around your child after swimming is handy for drying off and keeping warm.


Contact Blue Legend Swim School Today

Swimming is a great activity for kids of all ages, physical abilities, and personalities. Enroll your child in swimming lessons at our Sugarland swimming pool, and they will learn how to swim, what proper swim gear is, and begin a lifelong skill that is good for their health and happiness. Contact us today.

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