Blue Legend

Our Story

Blue Legend Swim School was founded in 2014 by Coach Li, who has won seven national artistic swimming championships. Her twelve years of professional athletic experience and over ten years of swim coaching enables Coach Li to develop a unique and complete curriculum to teach kids how to swim.

Since then, we have taught thousands of kids the basics of swimming. Our locations can be found throughout the Greater Houston area. Some of our students have become regional and state-wide champions. The outstanding teaching, professional coaching, and excellent management team make Blue Legend Swim School trusted and loved by parents.

In 2020, Blue Legend built two new indoor facilities in Sugar Land and Katy. These new facilities will provide a comfortable and loving environment to both swimmers and parents. The professional pools will bring you and your children a unique and perfect experience.


Our Philosophy

Blue Legend’s teaching philosophy focuses on technical details. We firmly believe that at the very beginning, it is imperative to make sure all techniques and strokes must be proper. Each technique is developed carefully under the guidance of our coaches, step by step, to obtain perfect muscle memory through long-term training.

Furthermore, our goal is not only to teach children to swim well, but to also help them develop good habits through vigorous training.

Our Facilities

Blue Legend recently built two brand new indoor facilities in Sugar Land and Katy, Texas. Each facility is around 9,000 square feet. We focused our design on the details, the kind of details that will provide a safe place for kids to play and learn how to swim. Our professional facilities help our coaches give children high-quality swim lessons. The inviting environment will make the lessons more accessible while allowing parents and siblings to feel comfortable waiting. It will bring the best experience for the whole family.

Only Blue Legend provides the most professional facilities, including:

  • The most advanced 3-fold water purification filter system, with UV light to ensure clean water quality
  • A comfortably heated pool, set at 88-90 degrees year-round
  • Useful and well-designed teaching equipment to help children train better
  • The professional starting platform allows senior athletes to conduct competition training
  • The unique deep-water section (9 feet) of the Sugar Land pool provides the best training support for artistic swimming and underwater photoshoots
  • Larger (25 yards in length) pool ideal for competitive swim training

Our facilities also offer a warm welcome from Blue Legend, with amenities such as:

  • A comfortable waiting area for parents to rest, work, or watch their children swim
  • Comfortable shower facilities and separate dressing rooms
  • Diaper changing stations
  • A dedicated hair-drying area to avoid getting cold after swimming
  • Swimsuit dryers
  • Water fountains
  • A dedicated play area to wait for the sibling(s) to finish classes
  • Snacks, drinks, and swimming equipment for sale at the front desk

What do we offer?

  • Swim lessons for infants and toddlers over 4 months
  • Learn-to-swim lessons for kids 4 years and older
  • Competitive swim training
  • Artistic swimming lessons
  • Adult swim lessons
  • Mermaid class
  • Underwater artistic photoshoots
  • Inter-club activities
  • Regional, national, and international competition opportunities
  • Birthday parties and special events
  • Family swimming time
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