30-Minute Swim Lessons

30-Minute Swim Lessons For Toddlers in Sugar Land, TX

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Weekly 30-Minute Swim Lesson

Our weekly 30-minute class is for swimmers from 4 months old to 4.5 years old. The goal of this class is to cultivate kids’ interests in swimming as well as promoting water safety. Our structured curriculum has detailed instructions and skills required for each level. We want our little swimmers to continue to progress through hard work, so they can grow up happily and confidently. For those who want to practice more, we also provide twice-a-week optional lessons. Our flexible class schedule and well-designed curriculum will provide the best swimming class experience for your family.

Non-refundable annual registration fee is $29/first child and $50 per family. Classes are billed monthly, with tuition varying based on the day you choose to attend and the number of classes available in that calendar month. Please see pricing information below.


  • Once a week- $25/class, Siblings-$23.75/class
  • Twice a week- $190/month, Siblings-$182/month

Pricing Details:

Classes are billed monthly, with tuition varying based on the day you choose to attend and the number of classes available in that calendar month.


Infant Swim Lessons For All Skill Levels in Sugar Land, TX

The Riverstone area is known for its scenic beauty and serene landscapes. In such a location, the importance of infant swim lessons can't be understated. At Blue Legend Swim School, we offer swim lessons for infants of all skill levels. Whether your little one is just getting started or looking to refine their skills, our professional instructors are here to guide them every step of the way.

Our lessons are structured to ensure infants receive individual attention, adapting to their unique learning pace. We recognize that every infant is different, and our tailored approach ensures they get the most out of each session. Incorporating engaging activities and exercises makes the lessons enjoyable and productive. Don't miss out on this essential skill; enroll your infant today and watch them flourish in the water.

water safety class sugar land

Looking For Engaging Water Safety Classes?

Water safety is paramount, and at Blue Legend Swim School, we don't just stop at swim lessons. We offer engaging water safety classes designed to educate children about the potential dangers in and around water bodies. With the rise of aquatic activities in Sugar Land, having your child attend a water safety class is beneficial and essential.

Our water safety classes are curated to be interactive, ensuring children are actively involved in the learning process. They will be introduced to various scenarios, teaching them how to react and stay safe. Our professional instructors in Sugar Land TX emphasize practical lessons, ensuring that what's taught is retained.

Count on Blue Legend Swim School for Toddler and Infant Swim Lessons in Sugar Land, TX

When it comes to toddler and infant swim lessons in Sugar Land, TX, Blue Legend Swim School stands out as the premier choice. With a track record of excellence and a team of professional instructors, we ensure that every lesson is impactful and engaging. We understand the nuances of teaching young ones and have crafted our toddler swim lessons in Katy, TX to cater to their specific needs, guaranteeing their safety and comfort at all times.

Choosing the right swim school for your child can be overwhelming, but with our reputation in Sugar Land and our dedicated approach, you're making the right decision. Whether you're considering swim camps in Sugar Land, TX, advanced swim lessons to build swim strokes and strategy, or swim team training in Sugar Land, TX, Blue Legend Swim School is the perfect place to start. Enroll today and let your child dive into a world of aquatic adventures!

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