30-Minute Swim Lessons

30-Minute Swim Lessons For Toddlers in Sugar Land, TX

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Weekly 30-Minute Swim Lesson

Our weekly 30-minute class is for swimmers from 4 months old to 4.5 years old. The goal of this class is to cultivate kids’ interests in swimming as well as promoting water safety. Our structured curriculum has detailed instructions and skills required for each level. We want our little swimmers to continue to progress through hard work, so they can grow up happily and confidently. For those who want to practice more, we also provide twice-a-week optional lessons. Our flexible class schedule and well-designed curriculum will provide the best swimming class experience for your family.

Non-refundable annual registration fee $29/first child and $50 per family.


  • Once a week- $90/month, Siblings-$85/month
  • Twice a week- $175/month, Siblings-$170/month
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