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    “Blue Legend swimming school is grade A+ awesome! Not only that my 5 year old daughter Chloe loves it, I have also attended and finally learned how to swim after 30 years! Coach Li and her instructor team are one of a kind. They are genuinely passionate, very knowledgeable and great with kids. Chloe enjoys going to her swimming class and loves all of the instructors there. Not only that she learns how to swim with perfect technique, she also learns about valuable life lessons on never quitting and practice makes perfect. And as a parent, I’m happy to see that she becomes not only a competent swimmer but also a well rounded child. Thank you to all that Blue Legend has done for us.”

    Cate G

    “All three of our daughters have been taking swimming classes with Blue Legend for almost one and a half years. My daughters learned swimming for about a year at another swim school before joining Blue Legend. They were only able to do basic freestyle kicks. After they joined Blue Lend, they all made amazing progress and learned all four strokes within a year. Jill learned all four strokes in about 6 months. Starting last summer, she has been a little mermaid in the Blue Legend Artistic Swimming Team taking training classes with coach Li who is so awesome. Thanks to the fantastic coaches Blue Legend has. They are always very patient, encouraging, professional and energetic with amazing motivation skills (always curious how they can do that since a lot of them look so young and probably do not have any kid). During classes, kids not only learned proper swimming skills but also had fun! The Halloween parties are the children’s favorite. As a parent, I am also very grateful that coaches often provide feedback about kids’ progress.

    Coach Li, the head coach, is a legend to a lot of parents. She knows the names of all kids and knows their swimming skills. Beyond an amazing coach, she is also committed to educating the community of water safety using her professional knowledge. I am always impressed with her enthusiasm and professionalism in advancing education of swimming and artistic swimming coaching. We are so glad we are part of the Blue Legend family.”

    Linan Yang

    “We have been using Blue Legend Swim School Sugar Land for over 2 years and my son loves their highly skilled and friendly coaches. The coaches know how to teach lessons effectively and professionally. Each coach gives tailored swimming lessons for each level and that help kids to learn swimming faster! My Son will not stop learning and will keep swimming.”

    Kenneth Cheung

    “My kids and I joined Blue legend swim school as fast as we can! Before joining blue legend, my boy and girl have been trained in other big-name swim schools and they also took private lessons on and off for years without satisfied results. Then we heard about Blue legend from word of mouth, I noticed a big difference in their training. My kids’ swimming techniques are improved quickly. My girl started to love swimming again and she can swim independently for an hour or two now. My boy hopes to attend swim meets one day. Some Blue Legend coaches were professional swimmers. They help build kids’ solid foundations in four swimming strokes. As a mother and a physician, I also joined Blue Legend adult group swim classes. Blue Legend’s coaches gave me individual hands on training and gradually incorrect strokes got corrected. I wish I had this kind of professional training when I was younger. Please consider joining Blue Legend now!”

    Sarah C

    “Both of my daughters (8 and 5) attend blue legend swim school. The teachers have great patience with my 5-yr old. She is always so excited going into water and always thrilled to go to each class. Coach Joshua for my 8-yr old daughter is also so wonderful, always encouraging the kids and my daughter and they love his class. My kids love this school and I love this school because the kids are happy and are making big progress at the same time. I hope the classes will resume soon, high recommended swim school!”

    Jennifer Lemieux

    “I cannot thank Blue Legend enough. The coaches are patient, professional and awesome! As an adult, I can’t believe I can do butterfly swimming after only 8 classes!

    I learnt to swim when I was a kid, however, I’ve been swimming in a wrong way for more than a decade. It’s even harder to swim correctly with all the wrong muscle memories compared to a beginner. Now I can do all 4 swimming strokes freely and efficiently. I can swim a lot faster and longer than before, and I can finally prepared for scuba diving and surfing! Can’t wait!!”

    Bryan L

    “My 9-year-old daughter, Chloe, has been attending Blue Legend Swim School for over a year and her progress is beyond description. Coach Li and her coaching team are one of a kind. They are genuinely passionate, supportive and caring, and at the same time, they’re strict with ensuring techniques are performed properly and trying to help students reach their full potential.

    Chloe enjoys going to her swimming class and loves all the instructors there. And as a parent, I’m happy to see that she becomes not only a competent swimmer but also a strong-willed athlete.

    Thank you to all that Blue Legend has done for us. I look forward to many more years :)”

    June Chan

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