How Are Blue Legend Classes Structured? How Many Times a Week? How Long is Each Class?
What is the Teacher to Student Ratio?
When Should I Register For My Child?
How Can I Register?
How Do I Pay?
How Do I Cancel My Classes?
What Should I Do if the Class Has Already Started When I Register?
If My Child is Sick or He/She Cannot Attend One Class For Any Reason, Will We Be Able to Take a Make-up Lesson?
How Do We Change the Time For Our Lesson?
Will the Lesson Date and Time Change After My Child is Promoted to the Next Level?
What Should I Do if the Coach Changes When My Child is Promoted to the Next Level or if We Have to Change to a Different Time?
Can My Child Take Classes of His/Her Favorite Coach?
Can I Communicate With the Coach After Class?
How Do I Know My Child's Progress?
Why is my Child Not Learning as Quickly as Others?
How Many Classes Does it Take to Learn How to Swim?

To Our Parents

Eating or Drinking Before Class
Using the Restroom Before Class
Safety Issues Before and After Class
Pool Temperature and Keeping Warm After the Class
Learning Progress
How to Prevent Ear Infections
Allergy Issues

We hope everyone can enjoy swimming in a pleasant, supportive and positive environment. We hope your entire family will enjoy the experience as your kids learn to swim.

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