Transition to Independent Swimming

Transition to Independent Swimming

Learning how to swim is a right and an essential skill that is available to children and adults of all ages. With professional swim lessons in Richmond, TX, your child will learn water safety, survival, and stroke proficiency. We aim to teach the basics and continue with advanced techniques until your child transitions to independent swimming. Our approach is to offer enjoyable and gentle instruction in a safe environment to make the experience fun and instill confidence. Our instructors are trained and certified swim coaches.

Swim Lesson Progression

Swim lessons can start as early as infancy and continue into the teen years with competitive team swimming instruction. Our classes center on safety and confidence building while still being fun for children of all ages and skill levels. We have organized lesson plans and thoughtfully curated demonstrations that are easy to follow. Instructors are patient and have all levels of experience.

Teaching swimming to children includes several prioritized steps:

  1. Water safety is our number one priority. As soon as the child enters the pool, he or she is taught how to float and hold his or her breath properly so as not to ingest water.
  2. Basic movement in water is the next thing a new swimmer needs to grasp. Children will learn how to kick and move their arms to stay above water and to move through it. At the same time, they will learn how to move underwater without fear. Toddler swim lessons in Katy, TX, focus on this step.
  3.  Stroke variety is what sets an experienced swimmer apart from a beginner. Once safety and basic movement are mastered, coaches teach the different strokes and breathing techniques to those who can now swim independently. These strokes include freestyle or crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, sidestroke, and butterfly.
  4.  Advanced techniques are intended for those adept swimmers who want to take their knowledge to a more athletic level beyond the basics. These independent swimmers can now channel their skills into competitive swimming events, including racing, artistic swimming, and water polo. We have coaches who can hone skills with more intensive and specialized training.

Types of Swim Lessons

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to provide a safe and sanitary environment all year. Our coaches complete a rigorous training program that includes water safety. They have extensive teaching and competition skills. They can take your child or an adult from having no swimming experience to the ability to swim independently. 

There are several swim lesson options to choose from:

  • 30-minute swim lessons teach your child, as young as 4 months, to be comfortable around water while promoting safety.
  • Intensive swim lessons are one-hour sessions focusing on technique and nurturing independent swimming. 
  • Swim camps are daily lessons during spring, summer, and winter breaks. 
  • Adult swim lessons are just what they sound like. Anyone can learn to swim at any age, and we provide the environment and experience to teach adults with decorum and without judgment.
  • Swim team coaching is geared toward those interested in competitive swimming as a sport. It is aimed at honing athletic skills to improve results.
  • Artistic swim lessons are intended for those advanced swimmers who want to combine the arts of dance and gymnastics with swimming. This is synchronized swimming that is performed to a music soundtrack.

Learn to Become an Independent Swimmer with Us 

Blue Legend is the place to go if you are searching for the perfect swimming facilities and coaches in the Richmond and Katy, TX, areas. We promise a safe and enjoyable experience for people of any age to learn to swim or to improve their independent swimming competency. Swimming is a necessary life skill that is also exciting and healthy. Let us teach your toddler or you how to safely navigate the water. Contact Blue Legend for more information.

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